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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

From the free-as-in-Amway Department:

Macworld UK is reporting about an iPod 'pyramid' scam. Often, it involves spending money to put your name on a list (perhaps spending $40 on something like, say, a cell phone signal booster or by signing up for offers like credit cards). By signing others up (undoubtedly with the people spending more than the price of an iPod), the iPod (or other free product) is supposedly shipped to the participant. These "pyramid schemes" are preying on the popularity of the iPod (and especially the iPod mini) to make the owners insane amounts of money. As a rule, just about the only people who make money and/or "profit" from these such schemes are the people up top. Just a reminder that there is no such thing as a proverbial free iPod most of the time. I would point people looking for a free iPod to iTunes for the time being. While the chance to win an iPod is slim, its more honest than what these people are doing. I also recommend that they try to save up and buy it from the iPod Store or the iPod mini Store (both sponsors of this blog).

Offending sites include, (not a pyramid scheme, but reportedly a scam nonetheless),, FreeSlide,, and others. Many users have also reported the scam being advertised in banner ads online and also on eBay (as reported here), the latter most likely due to aggressive pyramid underlings desperately trying to get enough users to sign up to get them a free item. Caveat lector.


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